BSG Control Centre (010) 823-2598

Bedfordview, Gauteng

Our highly trained Close Protection Officers are available to protect that which is most precious to you.

Our Solutions can be low key and discreet, or high profile and overt depending on the wishes of the client and the circumstances in which they operate.

Our CPO’s provide our executive clients with minimal disruption and complete peace of mind. BSG understands that the physical well-being of the client is coupled with their reputational and emotional well-being.

We always run a confidential security risk assessment including

  • Hotel security checks
  • Location specific risks.
  • Travel plans and associated risks.

Our clients are ensured to receive the bet possible protection and will always feel well looked after by our BSG close Protection team.

Moving a high-value load? The reality of the modern-day logistical environment in South Africa is a very harsh one with Billions of Rands lost every year to theft and hijackings. BSG Security offers highly trained officers who are available to safely escort your assets to their desired destination.